Christmas Day Message

My Brothers and Sisters,

I greet you all on this Christmas Day with a Spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude, as despite the various challenges we have experienced this past year, we are able to experience the word made flesh in our lives, both individually and in community. Today whatever we have planned to do, I invite us to see it as a celebration of God, who in Christ is present and active in our lives.

The Christmas story however we understand it, becomes of meaning if it allows us to experience again the Christ born in our hearts today. Christmas says to us God is not a thought, a feeling or someone we learn about in the bible, but present, as on this day, we recall God entering human history, and in so doing transforming this history. This transformation of human history means that it will also represent the express will, intention and purpose of God.

In Jesus, the word made flesh, the doors to the sacred are open and we are enabled to experience the presence of the sacred. The mysterious nature and character of God has been revealed to us. Jesus born of Mary, means that the invincible reality we know as God, can now be felt and perceived by the human spirit.

Our solemn prayers, the glitter of the Altar and the vestments, the splendor of our ceremonies, the bountiful music and powerful singing, allow us to participate with a sense of the sacred, and an experience of divine presence. The beautiful lights and decorations we see in our stores and streets are a reminder to us of

Christ, the light of the world. The child born in a manger is no longer away, but present in our lives.

I invite us to make the words of this very well loved Christmas song our song today as we celebrate Christmas.
“Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King, let every heart prepare him room.”

The family join me in wishing you a fulfilling Christmas time.

Love and blessings always

Fr. Eddie