Church Committee

Like every settled congregation in the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, our church has a fully constituted  Church Committee.  The Church Committee manages all aspects of business in relation to the life of the congregation.   In the absence of a Rector, the Attorneys (Rectors’ Warden, Peoples’ Warden and Treasurer) are the principal administrative officers.

The church committee for 2020 consists of 9 persons. The elected officers and their responsibilities are listed below:

NameOfficial PositionsOther Roles
Yvonne ReidRector’s WardenChurch Attorney
President – Mother’s Union, KGN Branch
Gilroy GrahamPeople’s WardenChurch Attorney
Chair – Building and Maintenance
Co-Chair – Fundraising Committee
Helen McIntoshTreasurerChurch Attorney
Simone LloydLay Representative to Synod
Sydnia MathesonDeanery Council RepresentativeAlternate Lay Representative to Synod
Faith BertramAlternate Deanery Representative/ alternate
Claudette McKenzieSecretaryPresident – Mother’s Union, SJE Branch
Davlyn DewarMemberChair – Outreach Committee
Ashleigh BrittoMemberChair – Communications Committee


Building and Maintenance

Fundraising Committee

Outreach Committee

Communication Committee