Message – Feast of Christ The King – Proper 29 – Nov 21, 2021

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sunday, November 21, 2021

So far, we have shared with you that Missionary Sunday was instituted some 50 years ago by Bishop Harold Daniel to encourage churches island wide to dedicate attention to their communities as an expression of their understanding of mission. The Jamaica Missionary Society receives and distributes funds collected, and our Mission at Padmore, has benefitted from the Missionary Fund.

After a time, it was decided that provisions for one day, or one week, were not enough to get the message across, hence the move to a Missionary Month of activities. The idea is that mission is not only about raising funds, but equally important, is the inclusion of mission to the community, particularly the community in which the church is situated, to stimulate some activity or a project of some kind.

The larger vision is, “How can we improve our mission outreach as the Church?”  Bishop Daniel has suggested that some outreach activity could be undertaken in St John’s Lane or at Swallowfield Primary School.  What do you think?  How can you help or contribute?  As a first step, as a Church we must determine what the communities’ needs are, and then we have to be willing to donate our resources, namely, our time, talents and money to assist in meeting the needs identified.  This is not an overnight process, but we encourage you to take the initial step next Sunday to give generously to improve the circumstances of our fellowmen.

The Stewardship Committee of the Church of St. John the Evangelist extends special thanks to Bishop Harold Daniel who provided the information we have shared with you over the last three (3) weeks.