Message for Holy Week 2022

Today we begin what is described as the most important week in Christian tradition known to us as Holy Week.  It is also referred to as the week of our Salvation.  In parts of the Church, to include our Church, a devotional known to us as the Stations of the Cross is done.  In these stations,  particular elements of the Journey to Calvary are highlighted with a view to get us to understand and appreciate the experiences of Jesus, as he encountered efforts intended to silence him and stop the movement he had started.  The fact that Jesus endured and continued his journey to the very end is not just a story of human resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity, but a testimony of faith and belief.  The journey we begin today with our Palm Sunday procession is not just symbolic, but with the intention to experience through our Holy Week events, an increase in our faith and a deepening of our belief. 

I share with us the view that salvation is not static but dynamic.  Salvation takes place in our lives, as we see in the journey  of our lives, God’s power and presence at work.

As we begin Holy Week 2022, I invite us to take time and to contemplate our experiences  this week and determine the extent to which they become part of our situation, as they point us to God revealed in Jesus.  It is my prayer and hope that Holy Week will be for us, truly a salvation experience as we encounter Christ, the one who brings fulfilment, meaning and purpose to our lives.

A Blessed Holy Week to all of us.

Fr. Eddie