Message for Sunday, August 28, 2022

My Brothers & Sisters,

For the past two years and some months, we have been caught in what seems an unending pandemic.  Ever so often we hear about a new variant. 

I share with you from George Zeller’s article entitled “Work Today Instead of Worrying About Tomorrow” garnered from the Middletown Bible Church’s website:

Jesus teaches us in Matthew 6:31-34 that anxious care about tomorrow is foolish; each day has enough evil [trouble, problems] of its own (Matt. 6:34). I can lay hold of the present moment, but tomorrow is out of my reach (James 4:13-15). Only God knows the future (Prov. 27:1). It is wise to plan for the future but senseless to worry about it. Today’s cares are enough. How foolish to add tomorrow’s cares to those of today! Tackle today’s troubles and let tomorrow take care of itself. The Lord does not give us strength to face tomorrow’s problems today, but He gives ample strength and grace to work on today’s problems (2 Cor. 12:9-10). The burden of tomorrow’s cares added to the load of today’s trouble is too much for any man to bear. Suppose as a lumberman, your assignment is to cut down an entire forest. Instead of worrying about whether you will ever be able to complete the job, you begin working on it. You pour all your strength and energy and effort into the work, and you are amazed to see several tall trees fall down each day. Soon you realize that the forest was not as big as you first thought it was. The legend is told of one lumberman who worked in this way, giving his all to the job each day (Col. 3:23). Finally after weeks of hard work he reported back to his boss, “I finally finished cutting down the Sahara Forest.” In fact, he did so well that they had to rename it! Worry accomplishes nothing. Worry is unable to cut down even one tree. As the days advance, nothing is being done, the forest continues to stand, and the worry intensifies. We must apply ourselves diligently to the task at hand, trusting God for whatever He has for us in the days ahead