Message for the Sixth Sunday After The Epiphany – Sunday, February 13, 2022

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today we meet after having had our annual meetings and elected the persons to serve on our various Church Committees.  While the role of our Committees is determined by our Canons and must reflect the intentions of the Canons, we must be mindful of the context in which we do mission and ministry.  The reality of Covid protocols and the movement towards relaxing many of these protocols evidenced in spectators being allowed for sporting events is a matter we must contemplate.

The restrictions imposed by Covid Protocols resulted in many of us becoming comfortable with online streaming of our worship and other Church related events.  While that is understandable,  we must protect against becoming too comfortable, to the point of complacency.  Against this background, I invite us to begin to prepare ourselves for the possibility of being allowed more numbers in attendance, while maintaining the adjusted protocols which will follow.   In a real sense, we are called and challenged to sing a new church into being.  The restrictions of Covid resulted in an increased need to rely on electronic media, and information technologies to guide our daily lives.

I witnessed in recent times the enthusiasm of our student population as they were allowed to return to face to face classes.  I experienced the pleasure as they were able to participate in the activities of the communities.  Against this background,  I suggest that we will, as the Church, have similar experiences of pleasure and enthusiasm as we return to Church with the members allowed being increased.

The Covid restriction among other effects has resulted in numerous questions being asked and various issues for reflection and contemplation arose.  The new Church of which I spoke earlier, is the Church challenged to respond and engage issues and concerns?  We have to equip ourselves to provide clarity, direction, focus and guidance going forward.  This I suggest defines our mission and ministry in the post restriction context.

As we look towards the upcoming Lenten season, I invite us as a Cure family to prayerfully prepare ourselves for the task.  The Church my brothers and sisters is not irrelevant but is challenged to redefine its relevance.  It is not dying but is called to become the source of new life, which is what our Lord Christ provides to all creation.  To the work people of God.

Love and Blessings Profound

Fr. Eddie