Message from the Pulpit -Proper 12 – July 26, 2020

My Brothers and Sisters,

The challenges presented by Covid 19 has forced all of us to make significant adjustments to our lives. While we all want some sense of normalcy, the reality is there is no saying when this will happen and what it will look like. Many of us continue to pray for this pandemic to go away, some have even opined that it disappear. Against this background I invite us to think about a definition of faith that gives us the strength and courage to live with our present reality. Faith does not necessarily change or restore things, it enables us to live with those things that will never change or be restored. Our present reality challenges us to prayerfully seek to discern the lessons to be learnt and how to apply these lessons in ways that grow our faith. We can also learn new things concerning the nature and character of God, this God who continues to provide opportunities for all of us to serve, and commit ourselves in a deeper way to Him.

The economic situation has created challenges for most of the population as people struggle with loss of income or reduced income. This reality is not entirely new to the pandemic but in large part to economic in equity and in justice. Critical to our response is to prophetically articulate approaches which seek to correct this inequity and injustice. The concentration of wealth in the hands of the few leaving very little for the many is inconsistent with the will and intention of God. The world’s resources represents God’s provision for all humanity and not any chosen few. We affirm this every Sunday as we say “The gifts of God for the people of God”. This is not just a theological statement, but a call and a challenge to work towards making God’s gifts available to God’s people. Whenever we recite this statement we remind ourselves of this missional responsibility.

I hope and pray that the experiences gained during this pandemic will strengthen our faith and increase our resolve to give tangible and authentic expressions of our beliefs in God, revealed to us in Jesus. Every blessing as we all seek to navigate the uncertainties generated by this pandemic.

Love profound

Fr. Eddie