Message – Proper 27, Sunday, 7 November 2021

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sunday, 07 November 2021:

This Sunday, the Stewardship Committee of St John the Evangelist begins a month-long series of short presentations intended to enlighten on Missionary Month and encourage you in generous giving on Missionary Sunday.

Did you know that it is our own Bishop Harold Daniel who some 50 years ago, encouraged churches island-wide to set aside a Sunday during the month of November to dedicate attention to their local community as an expression of their understanding of mission? 

Over time, churches have chosen to have missionary meetings and activities at different times throughout the year as convenient.

The only mention of Missionary Sunday in the Canons states that every member of the clergy should set aside a Sunday each year for focus on the importance of missions.   

As the collection and distribution of money was one of the main activities involved, for proper governance, the Jamaica Church Missionary Society was established as the formal body to receive and distribute funds collected.   Engagement in, and support of the missionary work of the Jamaica Church Missionary Society is a purely voluntary undertaking, and not a required formal programme of the Diocese.

More to come next week…