Message Second Sunday After Christmas – January 2, 2022

Dear People of God

Let us pray together:

Father, let me dedicate,

All this year to you,

In whatever worldly state

You will have me be:

Not from sorrow, pain or care

Freedom dare I claim;

This alone shall be my prayer,

‘Glorify your name.’

Now and forever. 


It is the first Sunday of the new year; 2021 is history.  As we pull the curtains down, so to speak, on the stage of this year, no doubt we have begun to look at our lives over the past year – no doubt we have started the soul searching – no doubt we have begun to say or we need to begin to say:

Lord, we have sojourned with you over these past 365 days.  We have tried as far as lay within us to do our duty to you, O my God, and those around me.  We are deeply sorry for the times we have failed you and ask you to pardon our many shortcomings over these days.  Wherever we have erred, do Lord, forgive.  Wherever we have done some of what we should have done, do give us strength to do better in the times to come.  And, most of all Lord, give us the insight to see in the year now begun all we must do to serve your perfect will.  Then, give us grace to follow you, our Master and our friend – to serve you as you deserve to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labour and not to ask for any reward; save only that we seek to do your will.  For, we know Lord, incarnate Christ that we can do all things, not some or many or most, but all things through you, O Christ, our Lord and God, who will strengthen us and shall supply all our needs throughout this 2022 according to your riches in glory.  So, in spite of ourselves, we give you all the honour and praise and glory and might and majesty and dominion and power now and throughout 2022 and forevermore.


As we embark upon this new year let us be more mindful of the needs of others.  Let our mission continue to be to spread the good news of God’s saving grace so that more persons may be brought to know and worship Him.  We are living in challenging times but we have to hold fast to our faith and “Let Go and Let God”.