Message for the First Sunday After the Epiphany – January 10, 2021

Views from the Pews

It seems like, just about every aspect of life is plagued with upheaval these days!  One way or another we all have our share of problems, be it at home, school, work or other day-to-day relationships and if that was not enough this COVID 19 pandemic.  Sadly enough, even the one place to which we should be able to visit in solace, (the Church) appears retarded in its efforts to promote Christian love and fellowship.  The state of of our economy, with all its associated problems, does nothing to alleviate this condition.  We cannot, however, afford to allow these forces to destroy the spiritual realtionships we have built, neither should we cause the stresses of life to cause disharmony among us. 

Only recently,  I listened to a popular talk-show programme commentary  which referred to the church as having failed the nation.  To this I at first took offense but upon reflection, however, I wondered if we hadn’t indeed failed in the sense that our actions, at times, may not encourage others to join us in worship.  We (the members) do constitute the Church and by our deeds shall we be known. 

Friends, let’s endeavour to remain faithful to that which we profess to be – Christians.  Let’s not just say it, let’s live it!  With all of life’s problems and uncertainties let us endeavour to build on the foundation we have already formed in the Church.  Let’s draw on the positives as brothers and sisters in Christ and work toward the unifying of the Church in furtherance of our nation’s development. 

In 2 Peter 3:10, it speaks of  “the coming of the Lord” or “the day of the Lord” – a time that will be like “a thief in the night” – a phrase used also by our Lord Christ. 

There is no conclusive evidence that either Paul or the Lord Jesus was the originator of the phrase – it might have been borrowed from Jewish writings.  The point of comparison is neither stealth nor stealing, but surprise. 

Just as a thief’s coming cannot be reckoned in advance, so the time of the day of the Lord cannot be calculated either.  Precisely when least expected, it will be here.  The words ‘suddenness’ and ‘surprise’ are associated with the second advent of the Christ and will unnerve even the secure.  Hence in 1 Thessalonians 5:6-7, the note of watchfulness is highlighted.  The Christian has to be alert to the times in which they live.  “He uses waking and sleeping as perceptivess or lack of it and then he adds sobriety as acts that must accompany the Christian who is a “day light” person, not a sleepy night-time person.”  In the words of Jesus “watch therefore, for you know not the day or the hour when the Son of man will come.”  The Apostle though, speaks to the fact that those who have put on Christ are full of light.  In verse 5a “you are all children of Light and children of the Day.” 

Christ then, who is the true light of the world, tells us in St. Matthew’s gospel that we are the Light and we must shine even in this time of COVID 19 pandemic.

This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it shine, now and forever.  Amen