Protocols for the Re-Opening of SJE Church Doors

In complying with Government regulations – Measures that should to be in place for to Congregational worship

  • 40 sq. feet  between each person ( one arm’s length apart on both sides)
  • Temperature checks of all persons on entering the Church building
  • Sanitization- Hand sanitizers and hand washing would be essential.
  • Masks must be worn inside the church.
  • Outside the church, no more than 10 persons should gather at a time. Persons must maintain social distance of 6ft.
  • Churches must turn off air conditioning units (if any).
  • Churches may need to have multiple services & should consider shortening length of services.
  • There should be no overlapping of services to allow for sanitization of the worship area before another set of worshippers attend.
  • No assembling of choirs.
  • All rituals and practices that require close contact of members are discouraged (i.e. hugging, handshakes)
  • Persons without any underlying conditions may come to church.