Views From The Pews – Sunday, February 18, 2024

Brothers & Sisters,

Jesus, after his baptism by John, was in the “spiritual wilderness.” He was tempted, as we are, but he did not sin. He did not succumb to temptation.

When was your spiritual wilderness? When in your life were you fighting hardest to follow Jesus? Are you going through that period right now? My “wilderness” was when I was between the ages of 23 and 26. Yes, like us all, I did not fare as well as Jesus did. The temptations continue, as we all know, but as I get closer to Jesus, those temptations become easier to deal with.

Lent and Easter are a reminder to us to listen to the still, small voice, to allow ourselves to follow “in his steps.” Remember that Jesus himself has walked this path for us. As we are able to do that, we will begin to experience some of the victories Jesus won for us in that wilderness experience and make the witness that he made at his baptism.

Have you been in a position where you felt that you needed to make a phone call, send an email, make a visit, or hold someone in prayer—and did not do it? That was giving in to the temptation not to do the right thing. But if you followed your instinct to make the call, send that email, make that visit or say that prayer, your victory was won, and the glory belongs to almighty God.

During Lent, why give up something? Why not take up something instead? Something like attending church regularly. During this season, why not follow your instinct to do what is right, proper, and good?