Views from the Pews – Sunday, June 19, 2022

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Church has designated this time  in our Liturgical Calendar, the season after Pentecost.  In the older Book of Common Prayer, this time was referred to as the Season after Trinity.  In the reference to this time as the season after Pentecost, part of the rationale was that the Church, empowered by the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit  undertakes its mission and does its ministry.  The challenge to all of us is to make our lives living expressions of the Holy Spirit’s presence and activity.

As we contemplate the various ways in which the Holy Spirit is present and active, I invite us to focus on the Spirit as the bearer of truth.  I suggest to us, that we define truth as faithfulness, and  reliability, which  is an attribute ascribed to God, which we human beings are expected to emulate.  We are challenged to see truth as that which demands personal commitment and based on trust.  Truth is not just a moral attribute, it is for us as Christians, a matter for personal commitment.  Our lives must be an ongoing expression of truth.  In this season after Pentecost, we seek to make our lives characterized by truth.  It must become part of our nature.  To live lives of truth means that we transcend the limitations of being accurate, logical or rational, and rise to the heights of accepting the reality, however challenging reality might be.

I suggest the well known and loved hymn “Come Holy Ghost our souls inspire”, become our prayer as we seek in our personal lives and in our lives as the Church, to become the very essence of the truth.  I share a quote “to  thine  own self be true”

Love and Blessings

Fr. Eddie